The Marketing Side of Searching for Cheap flights with ablity to play online roulette

Acquiring airline tickets are rather difficult as exactly what almost all travelers encountered. One can even see the idea of purchasing airline tickets very similar to the nature of gambling.  In reality, you might be asking yourself many times whether to purchase the ticket immediately or await it to decrease.    If viewed as a whole, [...]

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Retirement Myth 2 – I’m A Successful Executive, I’ll Be Successful At This Too

The road that a great executive must travel between the preservation and the loss of his or her identity and integrity is extraordinarily narrow and, very, very few [...]

Why CEOs Need to Build Executive Presence Among Their Senior Executives

One of the biggest problems that multinational companies face is having senior executives who lack executive presence. Productivity, profit and morale are all tied in [...]

Executive Coaching – Dispelling the 13 Myths and All You Need to Know About Having a Coach

1. MYTH: Executive coaching takes up a lot of time FACT: This is not true, but it does depend on your point of view. Every executive that I coach values their time [...]